Sales Strategy and Partner Development

A business development plan for security convergence focused on partnerships, enterprise solutions, and a repeatable business model.

  • Create an integrated security policy to protect all asset classes: human, physical and cyber from existing and emerging threats.
  • Protect corporate brand and positioning in a new era of accelerating intellectual property theft.
  • Create a security solution portfolio to up sell existing customers new products and services and win new business opportunities.
  • Review existing solution strategies to provide a GAP analysis and introduce potential convergence partners to improve your security portfolio and increase operating margins.
  • Recruit key partners ( Solution providers, integrators, distribution channels) to round out security convergence skill sets and promote joint vendor credibility.
  • Implement partner sales, marketing, business development and technical training programs and create a "center of excellence" demonstration capability.




" Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." - Demosthenes