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Artciles Featuring Dan Dunkel

Security Magazine - March 1, 2008
Buying and Selling In the New Security Environment by Steve Hunt


Network Security Podcast: The convergence of physical and logical security in the enterprise and government

Articles Appearing in SDM
Written by Dan Dunkel - President, New Era Associates :

Cover Story:
The New Security Order: Global, Digital and Visible

Skating to Where the “Revenue Puck” Is Going to Be

Today’s Security Executive: Physical Security Transformation – One Company’s Vision
The New Norm: Information Assurance
  Think Like a CSO at ISC West
  Convergence Is Your Strategy to Combat New “Blended” Security Threats
Cyber Security: The Cyber Genie is Out of the Bottle
SDM Cover - May 2009 A SECURITY call to Action…around a Wedding theme!
SDM - Jan 2009 Is ‘Intellectual Security’ in Your Vocabulary?
Integration Intelligence: Insight from a CEO
SECURITY IN CONTEXT It’s the System, Stupid
LEADING BY EXAMPLE Cisco Systems: Industry Model
The 'Mesh' Keeps Emergency Responders in the Loop
Solution Isn't on the Fence: It's for the Fence
Security’s New Landscape
MARKET STRATEGY Think Differently! Time-to-Market Opportunity Is Accelerating
SECURITY IN 2008 Transformation Trumps Convergence
Articles Appearing in Today's Systems Integrator
Written by Dan Dunkel - President, New Era Associates :
  2009: Bad Economy Means Slowing Convergence? - Not So Fast...
  Qualify the Culture - "Transformation Changes Sales Cycles"
  Why Network Advancements Will Kill the 7 Year Product Cycle
  Future Positioning: Call a Recruiter and Understand the "BIG" Trend
  21st Century Security: Selling a "Cultural Shift" to Executives
  Changing Security Roles (For Everybody)
  The New Definition of Global Risk Will Require a New Security Industry
  ASIS 2007: The Doctor Was In
  Help Me Help You
  The Global CSO and Understanding 'New' Alliances
  The Integrated Infrastructure: One Vendor, Multiple Partners
  “Bagging the Video Giant” Schneider Electric Purchases Pelco!
  The Physical Security Industry is a Mess… (What an Opportunity!)
  SMB Partnering: Making Sense Out of Security Silos
  Disruptive or Sustaining Technologies? Your Business Future Depends On It
  A New Market Opportunity: Are You Moving Forward?
  The Convergence Model Evolves: Traditional Security & Innovative Thinking
  Smart Companies Partner First … and Early
  Security is Bigger Than Convergence and Software is the Future
  ISC West: "Simplify the Best"
  ISC West: Is Security Convergence a Crisis or an Opportunity?
  The Security Industry is in “Operational Transformation” Mode: Are You?
  Security Convergence…The Future of Video Storage
  Be the Convergence Bridge
  Global Security and The Minicomputer (An Evolving Case Study)
  2007: “The Start of a Ten-Year Run in a Security Industry”
  “Quotes”… “You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” - Abraham Lincoln
  From the Industry Guru's Lips to Your Ears: "Convergence is Real"
(My Question is... "Now what are you going to do about it?")
  Grab the Convergence Rope and Partner in 2007 - The RBS Mindset
  Align Your Skills with the "New" Security Executive
  Attention Physical Security Industry: 2006 Was Your WAKE UP Call!
  "Mr. Convergence" Understands Surveillance Storage Infrastructure, Do You?
  Do You Understand the ABC's of the OSI Model?
  Education and Trend Reading 101
  The Evolution of the Security Matrix
  The July 4th Security Review
  Adapt, Modernize or Go Extinct
  Using the NYPD to Promote Collaboration
An Early Security Convergence Success Story
  The Security 'Divergence' Market
Changes, Focus and Execution
  First-Mover Partner Positioning with the Big Three
  The 80/20 Rule is Alive and Well
  Cisco in the Security Market
Part II: Lead, Partner or Get Out of the WAN
  Cisco in the Security Market
Part I: Get Ready to Change Your Sales Cycle
  The IP Network is Your Future
  The New Breed of Secuiry Integrator:
Part II: Understanding IT History

The New Breed of Security Integrator:
Part I: The Integrator and the Installer

  Security Convergence is an Internal and External Partner Opportunity
  Trends in Security Integration: A Wakeup Call
Partner, Sell or Get Out of the Enterprise

The CIO/CSO Convergence Dynamic


Security Integration: New IT Partners in 2006?

Articles Appearing in Security Magazine
Written by Dan Dunkel - President, New Era Associates :

Security Integration: New IT Partners in 2006?


Trends in Security Integration: A Wake-up Call


Security Convergence is an Internal and External Partner Opportunity


Business Week - April 21, 2008
Cover story: The New E-spionage Threat


Business Week - August 8, 2005
Cover story: The state of Surveillance


Business Week - September 19, 2005
Cover story: The Next Big One


The Homeland Security Market (Civitas Group, LLC)


The Convergence of Physical Security and IT (RBCS)

 Downloads (White Papers and Presentations):
  NYPD Report - Radicalization in the West (pdf file)
  Aberdeen Group Research Brief: The Role of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in Security Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) (pdf file)
  Aberdeen Group: Business Continuity - Implementing Disaster Recovery Strategies and Technologies
  CISCO IT Case Study: Enterprise Access Control (pdf file)
  Aberdeen Group: Logical/Physical Security Convergence - Is it in the Cars? (pdf file)

Special Report: So You Want to be a Systems Integrator - Security Sales & Integration (pdf file)


Building Tomorrow's Security Solutions Today - Security Director News (pdf file)


Cops, Geeks and Bean Counters: Clashing Cultures of Coporate Security - The Conference Boad (pdf file)


Corporate Security Measures and Practices - The Conference Board (pdf file)


Economic Costs of Terrorist Attacks - New Era Associates, LLC (Power Point)

 Cyber Security Related Research:
  The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (pdf file)
  Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency (pdf file)
  Briefing to CSIS Commission on Cyber Security (pdf file)
  Emerging Cyber Threats Report for 2009 (pdf file)

Executive Summary: The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (pdf file)


Cyber Security: An Economic and National Security Crisis (pdf file)


Governance of Enterprise Security Survey: CarnegieMellon CyLab 2008 Report (pdf file)

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